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Understand the Recruiting Process | Written by Devin Scruggs, Head Volleyball Coach, University of Nevada


  • NCAA DIVISION I - 326 members: Up to 12 full scholarships-tuition, fees, room board and books (many California schools can only recruit in-state: or 2 for1)
  • NCAA DIVISION II - 282 members: 8 Scholarships max.
  • NCAA DIVISION III - 419 members: 0 Scholarships (academic)
  • NAIA - 283 members: 8 Scholarships max. Often tuition-up to the institution. Often split up between recruits.
  • NJCAA - National Junior College Athletic Association- 505 members. Located outside of California. They do offer scholarships.
  • CCCCO - California Community Colleges: 110 members. No scholarships
  • NCCAA - Christian College Athletic Association: Division 1 & Division II: 102 members. About 85% have dual membership with either the NAIA or NCAA DII or DIII. DI offer Scholarships


  • Athletes List
    • HOW GOOD AM I?
    • Do I want to start?
    • Play a lot?
    • Level of program?
    • Academics vs. location vs. volleyball vs. level
    • Are there walk on options?
    • Finding out the level of player you are
    • Questions to ask the coaches
    • When to narrow
    • How do I know if I am important?
  • Coaches List
    • Evaluations in person
    • Video
    • Coaches' recommendation
    • Evaluations at practice



  • Academics (give yourself options)-See College Bound Student-Athlete Guide
  • Admissions-Individual school's requirements (must know)
  • Clearinghouse-NCAA eligibility-Organization responsible for certifying the academic eligibility for DI & DII prospects
  • Summer camps-Go to camps where you might be interested in going to school
  • Research schools/volleyball programs (internet on your own
  • Send e-mails/updates/correspondence
    • Intro-Get on the list
    • Personal
    • Eliminate the headings of all the schools you are sending mail to
    • Proofread!
    • What to Include:
      Grad Year, Height, Reach, Approach Touch, Position, GPA, Club, Club team, Coach, Player & Coach Contact info.
  • Club-Play club
  • Unofficial visits
  • Phone calls
  • IM/Text Coaches
  • Video -[email protected]: Video service for every level player
    • Good Quality. Easy to read numbers
    • Practice footage with multiple reps of highlighted skill
    • Highlights ok
    • Unedited game footage at the end
    • Watched between 5-10 minutes inititially
  • Verbal Commitment
    • Word of honor type of contract. Both for college & athlete
    • Not legally binding, but...
  • National Letter of Intent--two dates (November / April)
    • The # of phone calls per week is not restricted
    • The # of contacts is not restricted, but you may not talk to your incoming athlete during the middle of a tourney. You may, however, talk to their parents.


Definition of "prospect": A prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classed for the ninth grade.

  • Prior to September 1st of junior year: Once per year--Questionnaire, Camp Brochure, Form Letter
  • September 1st of Junior year: Recruiting material may be sent
  • September 1st of Junior year: Text messaging is legal (may change)
  • July 1st following Junior year:
    1st Phone Call allowed
    1. 1 Call per week per institution
    2. Recruits can call colleges anytime at any age
  • July 1st following Junior year: In-person Contact off campus can be made
    3 total are allowed--may not be during middle of tourney or during dead period (48 hrs. before or after NLI)
  • Dead periods: Coaches cannot recruit off campus and prospects cannot visit schools officially or unofficially
  • Official Visit: paid for by school -one time (5 total for athlete)
    • Senior year when classes have started
  • Unofficial Visit: paid by recruit (unlimited times)
    • Exception: Cannot visit during a tourney or a dead period
  • Parents: Are an extension of daughter…phone calls, contacts, etc.
  • Contact at tournaments: illegal for NCAA coaches, ok for NAIA