Silver State Volleyball Staff & Contact Information

Volleyball Club Staff

Full Name Email Phone Number Position  
Dana Aiono [email protected] (775) 315-1593 16 Mizuno BIO
Tony Fathergill [email protected] Beach Director BIO
Sasha Gutor [email protected] (607) 279-1071 17 Mizuno BIO
Brad Held [email protected] (775) 720-6663 BIO
James Meno [email protected] (435) 232-7785 BIO
Kinsey Minter [email protected] (623) 451-1103 13 Silver BIO
Jordan Reeder [email protected] (775) 220-2665 18 Mizuno BIO
Braysen Rodrigues [email protected] (702) 501-4308 15 Runbird BIO
Siri Ruchupanai [email protected] (209) 304-4401 14 Red BIO
Jim Saari [email protected] (775) 250-1755 Recruiting Coordinator BIO
Michael Williams [email protected] (775) 588-5756 Co-Club Director, 14 Red BIO
Dave Lawson [email protected] 775-815-8299 Secretary/Treasurer  

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