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Recruiting History

Silver State Volleyball Club has sent 162 players on to college where they have received over $5 million in Athletic Scholarships, Financial Assistance, and Academic Aid.

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Silver State Recruiting Promise

Our goal is to find the right academic and volleyball fit for each Silver State player wishing to play in college. We are committed to help players successfully navigate thru this process by educating and providing them with the necessary tools. Our intent is not to compete with paid recruiting services, but to provide many of the same tools while working with the families who have contracted with outside recruiting services.

Current Services Provided

  • Recruiting Packet – A step-by-step guide to recruiting
  • Evaluate player
  • Game film for highlight videos
  • Work with colleges to determine their positional needs
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Silver State Profile Page
  • Silver State Recruiting Profile Form to track college contacts
  • Coach Connections – SSVC staff will contact colleges directly
  • Coach Communication Prep – Work with players to help understand the communication process with college coaches
  • Coordinated Recruiting with RC

Additional Services (Fee required)

  • Player Resume and Brochure
  • Advanced Personalized Recruiting Services
  • Video Editor

Silver State Recruiting (First Steps)

  1. Players contact club recruiting coordinator, Jim Saari, [email protected] to request an evaluation (usually at age 16)
  2. Players meet with Recruiting Coordinator (RC) to discuss recruiting options and plan. This includes updating SSVC Recruiting Packet, SSVC profile page, phases of recruiting, Hudl video, NCAA and NAIA eligibility #, and more!
  3. Regular dialogue and updates between player and Recruiting Coordinator about contacts and interest

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