Silver State Volleyball

Silver State Volleyball Club Tryout FAQ’s

1) What if I did not make the team I tried out for?

If you did not make the team you tried out for we typically place you on a team at your appropriate level in your city. In very rare circumstances we will reach out to a player to be moved up to a higher age group or level.

2) What if I have a question about the team I made?

While Silver State welcomes questions and feedback, you must understand the high volume before, during, and after Tryouts. Because of this we recommend emailing us at [email protected] with a short description and the relevant information. You may also use this email if you believe you were placed on an incorrect team or at the wrong location.

3) What if my tryout number and color was not listed on a team?

If your tryout information was not listed on the team you tried out for, please look at the other teams in her age group and city. If you are not listed on ANY team please email at [email protected]

4) How do I know who my coach is?

Coaches will be listed when the team is posted at the facility and online.

5) When can I commit to play for Silver State?

Silver State can only accept nonbinding commitments until 6pm, November 13th. Players may officially commit to Silver State after 6pm, November 13. However, prior to November 13th players can email [email protected] to inform us of their decision either to play or not play for the club. If you choose not to play for us, please let us know so we can release your roster spot. Once you decide to play please: 1) Register with NCVA; 2) Complete and Sign the NCVA Letter of Commitment and the Player Medical Release form. These forms are available when you complete the online registration; 3) Make a down payment of at least $500 for Area League and U14s, U13s, and U12s teams and $1000 for Power League Teams—If you are unable to accommodate the down payment amount, please contact our Treasurer Dave Lawson at [email protected] to set up a payment plan.

6) Volleyball Age vs school grade

Typically players at each age match up to these school grades
12 year olds = 6th grade
13 year olds = 7th grade and on up the list
For further definition, please see the “Age Definitions” document on the club tryouts page. When players and grades do not match, players are encouraged to play at their school grade. A 15 year old sophomore should attend the 16 year old tryouts so they can play with their grade. If you have questions please contact the club at [email protected] about which level you should tryout.

7) How will I know what team I made?

Silver State will post teams approximately 48 hours after tryouts on the Silver State website. Players will be listed by tryout jersey color and number.

8) What happens after Tryouts?

We have mandatory Parent/Player meetings
Reno Facility at 6:30pm on Tuesday, November 14th
Carson Facility at 6:30 pm Wednesday, November 15th

Players/parents only need to attend ONE meeting at the location convenient for them. Silver State will need the following documents turned in at the meeting or the roster spot will be forfeited 1) Full payment or down payment ($500 Premier League/ $1000 Power League) with payment plan and promissory note 2) Registered with NCVA ($70) with NCVA card showing Silver State VBC as club 3) Signed the NCVA Letter of Commitment 4) USA Volleyball Medical Release Form.

9) When do practices begin for the season?

Practices begin November 18th or 19th depending on if your team practices on Saturdays or Sundays. We will likely hold Open Gyms for players between the weekend of tryouts and commitment on the 13th. Please check the website at for registration, skill camp/practice schedule

10) Does the practice schedule change during school breaks and holidays?

Typically teams have players from different schools so we do not change practice times based on school breaks or activities. However, coaches are best able to determine the needs of their team and may decide to hold practices or cancel practices depending on the specifics of the team. Silver State holds a 2 day Thanksgiving Camp and 3 day Christmas Camp for the Power League teams.

11) What club to choose?

Silver State encourages players to choose the club that will best fit the player. Neither a club coach nor school coach can make that choice for you. You should look at your volleyball goals, strength of staff, goals of the program, past success, and integrity of the program should be important factors. Coaches are NOT ALLOWED to pressure players over club selection nor ask a player to make a binding commitment prior to November 13th. School coaches are also not allowed to force you to play for one club or another, if this occurs please report it to your school administration.

12) Multi-sport athletes

Silver State Volleyball encourages players to play high school sports and will work with the athlete to help "make up" missed practices.