About Us

Silver State Youth Sports, a nonprofit also known as Silver State Girls Volleyball Club, aims to offer young athletes and their families a positive environment for volleyball training. We work to help each player improve their technique, skill level, teamwork, and leadership in a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere. Our training approach focuses on teaching players the reasons behind certain physical and mental skills to enhance retention and performance during competitions. This improves their abilities and knowledge of the game.

We're committed to assisting our players in achieving their goals and forming strong teams that represent the spirit of Silver State Volleyball. We teach our players the true meaning of being an athlete and team player by emphasizing team synergy and its creation. Our staff is passionate about the sport and wants to expand junior volleyball in Northern Nevada by sharing our love for the game. We hope our players will grow to love the game too. We believe in hard work and want our athletes and parents to have an enjoyable and fun season.

We're proud to offer competitive tournament and practice schedules. Our goal is to give back to this wonderful sport and help our athletes reach their objectives while ensuring their childhood is safe, enjoyable, and fun. Silver State Volleyball Club provides various levels of play, divisions, and costs. We try to match each player with a team based on their commitment level.

Our Mission

Our non-profit organization aims to offer players from the Northern Nevada/California region the chance to engage in high-quality volleyball. We focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, and useful life skills acquired through competition and demanding training in a positive atmosphere. The objective is to create proactive, effective participants in life.

Our main goals are player development and achieving maximum potential. Coaches concentrate on instructing solid fundamental techniques, getting players ready physically and mentally for high-level competition, and fostering good teammates. We trust that by perfecting the learning process, players will enjoy their experience, perform well on the court, and achieve victories.

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