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Our mission is to provide volleyball training for players starting at age 6, cultivating players who are ready for any challenge, resilient in the face of adversity, and relentless in their pursuit of excellence. Experienced coaches support athletes at every training session, helping them reach their potential. We're committed to assisting our players in achieving their goals and forming strong teams that represent the spirit of Silver State Volleyball.

We're proud to offer competitive tournament and practice schedules. Our goal is to give back to this wonderful sport and help our athletes reach their objectives. Silver State Volleyball Club provides various levels of play, divisions, and costs. We try to match each player with a team based on their commitment level.

Program Levels

Classes: VolleyPups, Pre-Academy, and Academy
These programs are centered on introducing young athletes to the fundamental skills of volleyball while also developing their body awareness. They are designed to serve as a stepping stone into our competitive youth volleyball program. Progression to the next level is tailored  to each child's individual growth and readiness.
If your child is young and struggles with focus or following instructions, we request that parents attend practices. It's important to maintain a conducive learning environment for all participants. Should your child become a disruption to the class, they may be asked to sit out for the remainder of the practice.

Classes: Academy and Academy Plus (coming soon)
Teams: Seasonal Local Teams - Spring, Summer, and Fall
This program is tailored for 1st-7th grade athletes transitioning from our beginner volleyball program. Our youth program aims to guide players through the early stages of their volleyball journey by reinforcing fundamental skills, teaching efficient playing techniques, and ensuring they enjoy the process!

Classes: Academy, Academy Plus (coming soon), and Summer Volley Camp (coming soon).
Teams: Seasonal Local Teams, Local Club Teams, Regional Club Teams, and Travel Club Teams
This program welcomes 8th-12th grade athletes of all skill levels, focusing on enhancing their volleyball experience and cementing core skills to maximize their performance in competitions. Participants will also gain exposure to college recruiters.

Our individualized lessons are designed for athletes of any age seeking personalized attention to refine their volleyball skills. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a strong foundation or an experienced player aiming to polish specific techniques, our tailored sessions will support your goals. With one-on-one or small group coaching, you'll receive direct feedback and guidance to accelerate your development and prepare you for high levels of competition. Coaches currently offering lessons can be found at the bottom of our Trainings Page

Ready. Resilient. Relentless.