Private Trainings

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Jim Saari

Reno or Carson | Weekdays after 10 am & Weekends vary

Focus: Quality repetitions where players can create good habits and muscle memory. Creating an atmosphere that is fun and challenging.

Specialty: Skill videos for Recruiting. Fundamentals training. Expanding players' skill sets to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
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Dana Aiono

Reno or Carson | Weekdays after 5 pm & Weekends vary

Focus: You have to work for what you want. Nothing is given. Put in the time, effort, and use all resources for the game you love

Specialty: Preparing athletes to compete at a high level whether that be high school, club, or college.

Text preferred

(775) 315-1593

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Michael Williams

Reno or Carson | Weekdays after 10 am & Weekends vary

Focus: Proper technique in all volleyball skills. For older players, identifying how to put yourself at an advantage vs an opponent.

Specialty: Fun for me is growth. It is the joy experienced when the light bulb goes off when learning a new skill and finally getting it.

Email or text

(775) 588-5756

[email protected]

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Kassandra Miller

Tu/Th after 2:30 in Reno or Carson. Weekends vary

FOCUS: Help players enhance their overall set of skills on the volleyball court
Fundamentals in all skills, especially setting

Email or Text

(775) 690-2179

[email protected]

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Shannon Dugan

Reno only Monday's 4-7 PM, Sundays - Upon Request

Focus: Never give up on any opportunity to get better. Developing leaders on and off the court. 
Specialty: Teaching the details of being an outside hitter and navigating error management & court awareness
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Joe Sota

Reno | Weekdays after 10 am & Weekends Vary

Focus: Skill, strategy, and mindset development to help athletes become better volleyball players

Specialty: All skill development  from beginner to advanced levels
 Contact by text

(775) 342-7932

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Darby Reeder

Scheduling lessons after Oct 18

Focus: Helping each player reach their full potential by providing personalized instruction in a positive and supportive environment.

Specialty: All skills and all levels

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